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2017 Events

We visit over 60 events a year. These are a few highlights of forthcoming events for 2017:

SEND Conference Midlands 2017

5 May 2017 - Leicestershire

Brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise from professionals within the SEND marketplace. The conference is to provide excellent and knowledgeable speakers to pass on information to grow our delegates CPD needs. Sharing best practice, demonstrating exceptional knowledge and therefore disseminating to the wider education community. Bringing together a wealth of talent to ensure the success of students with SEND.

 Keynote speakers:

  • Lorraine Peterson OBE
  • Caroline Russell
  • Pete Jarrett
  • Beccie Hawes

Learning Works Annual Residential SEND Conference

12/13 May 2017 - Swindon

  • Trainers incude:  Dr Joni Holmes, Amjad Ali. 
  • Choose 2 breakout sessions; 3 workshop topics.
  • SENCO Exchange
  • A range of trade stands providing an array of resources.

25 May            Somerset Dyslexia Association

Trainers incude:  Dr Gavin Reid, Dr Jenni Guise. 
This day course will provide practical guidance for teachers and parents on dealing with Dyslexia in the primary, secondary and further education colleges as well as tips for parents on some key factors relating to supporting the child with Dyslexia. The day will involve a blend of presentations, workshops and interactive practical activities

16/17 June      Autism Show, London

A host of workshops and talks for parents, teachers, support workers and carers.
Admission by ticket only.

22 June    BDA Conference, Theory into Practice, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, London

Speakers:  Prof Maggie Snowling, Dr Marketa Caravlas, Reid, Prof Greg Brooks, Prof Brian Butterworth and Judy Hornigold. This one day conference will link the latest research and theoretical ideas to good Quality First Teaching practice. It will explore and present strategies with regard to Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, with leading experts in the field presenting the latest ideas.

29 June    SpLD Central – Crossbow Education Conference

Speaker: Steve Chinn.  Plus a host of workshops and talks for parents, teachers, support workers and carers.


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