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We got a script this week, it turned out to be a local history book from an author in Doncaster. He'd obviously spent a lot time researching the book, but then failed to check who he was sending it to. Its not the sort of book we publish...

So what are we looking for?

We'd really like a new Maths series for KS2 and KS3. Too many maths books for SEN students stop at the 4 basic calculations, maybe there will be something on fractions and decimals, but that is it.  We know Maths can be a problem for some SEN students so do you have an idea, do you teach the bottom set, can you see a pattern to where students are struggling? 

We are also keen on Comprehension and Literacy activities, particularly for Secondary school students, but not exclusively for students 11 or over.  

So if you have an idea please get in touch. 

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