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Dilly and Hall offer a general overview of ASD, describe ASD assessment best practices, and explain the process of identifying ASD in schools. Current research and up-to-date science is incorporated in a practitioner-friendly manner, and short case vignettes will increase the accessibility of the book content and illustrate principles. As the rates of ASD reach 1/59 children, and school psychologists are increasingly expected to possess expertise in the assessment of ASD, this book

Section 1: Overview of Autism Spectrum disorders

Chapter 1: Definitions and Models of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Chapter 2: Etiology of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Chapter 3: Early Assessment and Prognosis of ASD within Various Populations

Chapter 4: Comorbid Conditions and disorders

Section 2: Specific ASD Assessment Practices

Chapter 5: Primary Components of ASD Assessments

Chapter 6: Secondary Components of ASD Assessment

Section 4: ASD Identification in the Schools

Chapter 7: The Process of Identification of ASD in schools

Chapter 8: Establishing the Initial Eligibility and Writing the Initial IEP

serves as a must have for school psychologists, school social workers, and other practitioners.

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