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Practical evidence-based strategies to teach young people to bounce back and keep going in the face of adversity.

Pressures from school, social media, and relationships can seem overwhelming, especially for vulnerable young people. These strategies, drawn from evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness and CBT, will help them to build the ability to bounce back when things go wrong.

These 20 clearly presented sessions will help build self-esteem, empathy & assertiveness, develop stress management and problem-solving skills and a reflective approach:

1. The Happiness Habit    2. Thinking of Others    3. Being in the Flow    4. Developing Grit    5. Building My Strenghths 6. My Feelings    7. Beat the Stress    8. Building Confidence & Self-Acceptance    9. Positive Comments    10. Healthy Habits    11. Effective Thinking Part 1    12. Effective Thinking Part 2    13. Mindful Moments    14. Relax Yourself       15. Feeling Friendly    16. Boosting Positive Emotions    17. The Savouring Habit    18. Showing the Gratitude             19. The Growth Mindset    20. Focus on Future Solutions

Flexible and ideal for use with individuals or groups.

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