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DANS Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills

Code: 9781903842171
Authors: Sarah Wedderburn
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A set of multi-sensory, diagnostic tests for students who are struggling with maths that enable teachers to determine the essential number concepts that their students have fully grasped and those concepts they have only partly understood.
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This Assessment enables specialist maths teachers to determine areas of numerical strength and weakness in their students, facilitating intervention and the writing of Individual Maths Development Plans.

The activities are concrete based with many games and allow the students to really show what they know.

The Assessment is laid out as two separate one-hour lessons but can easily be given as four thirty-minute lessons.

 As this is not a standardised test it can be adapted to meet your students’ needs.

 The Key Stage One Assessment looks at the following skills and analyses the students’ responses: 

  • visual spatial skills
  • non-numerical and numerical sequencing to 100
  • number patterns and number bonds
  • doubling, halving and simple multiplication
  • coins
  • mathematical vocabulary, the four operations and problem solving 

The Key Stage Two Assessment looks at the following skills and analyses the students’ responses:

  • visual spatial skills
  • counting, sequencing, rounding and partitioning to 1000
  • mental maths and formal written calculation
  • multiplication and division
  • fractions, decimals and time
  • mathematical vocabulary and problem solving



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