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Dyslexia: Early Identification

Code: 9781872653556
Authors: Judith Stansfield
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Explains in an easily accessible format what to look for, how to get started and in particular how the appropriate and effective use of technology can transform the educational outcomes for these children.
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What is new, and refreshing about this work, is the viewpoint that we, as practitioners, should not be waiting for the results of lengthy diagnosis, waiting for a ‘named condition’, or waiting for someone to confirm that the student is indeed coping with a print impairment. Instead, by using good and clear observation, with indicators of what to look for clearly set out, Judith gives us ideas and practical ways to create an inclusive learning approach which will not only benefit the student with Dyslexia and help avoid an early climate of low self-esteem and failure, but also offer a foundation of good inclusive practice for all.

The simple message that you don’t need to be an expert to make a difference, combined with a set of ideas and recommended resources to try, makes this an extremely valuable handbook and an immensely useful resource for parents, carers, practitioners working in EYFS and indeed throughout Primary Education?

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