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The Portfolio comprises nine short tests for use with pupils in the 6-16 age range who have already been screened as possibly being dyslexic or whose literacy attainment is giving cause for concern.

It is the third publication in GL Assessment's popular dyslexia series and follows the Dyslexia Screener and Dyslexia Guidance, both co-authored by Martin Turner. Age Range: 6 - 16 years; Administration per Individual 40 mins.

Test Description

  • Single Word Reading: A version of GL Assessment's Single Word Reading Test.
  • Single Word Spelling: Adapted from SingleWord Spelling Test with words on a common scale for selection by the teacher at each student's level.
  • Reading Fluency: A silent reading exercise where the student is asked to answer 'yes' or 'no' to a series of statements (a timed test).
  • Phoneme Deletion: Students are required to analyse how a word will sound without the initial, middle or final phoneme and say it aloud.
  • Non-word Reading: A test that assesses the decoding of letter strings. Students read nonsense words from print.
  • Rapid Picture Naming: Students are presented with a series of pictures of everyday objects and asked to name them (a timed test).
  • Rate of Writing: Students are asked to copy from printed text and complete a free writing task from a given prompt (a timed test).
  • Digit Recall Forwards: Students are required to repeat a string of digits that are given by the teacher.
  • Digit Recall Backwards: Students are required to repeat backwards a string of digits that are given by the teacher.

    Pack contains 5 record forms, Extra Record Forms/Pupil Booklets are available, phone for details.

    The Portfolio contains an online report generation tool, which produces statistical, graphical and narrative reports on each individual after the scores have been entered. The report will give standardised scores and recommendations for support and intervention. A parent report can also be generated using this tool.

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