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Dyslexia / SpLD set of books

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The book provides readers with a practical guide to expressing and developing ideas and feelings.  Uniquely designed for dyslexic/SpLD readers, this book discusses individual functions and will help enable those addressed to:

  • understand how they think
  • know what they can do to maintain clear thinking
  • know how they can positively contribute to any situation in which they find themselves

When people with SpLD find their voice, they gain the self-esteem and confidence to tackle all elements of life (study, employment, general living), and to negotiate successfully with those around them. The book contains stories, insights, examples, tips and exercises, presented in a user-friendly way throughout. The book has also been designed for non-linear reading, and each chapter also includes a "dipping-in" section to guide the reader.

As well as providing vital assistance for people with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties, this book will benefit anyone supporting, living, or working with dyslexic/SpLD people by helping them to understand more about the dyslexic/SpLD world.


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