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This practical toolkit of resources will help you to identify and support children with sensory processing and integration difficulties.

It provides clear definitions and details of sensory processing issues, as well as observable behaviours and checklists to highlight indicators of difficulties. This easy to implement Assessment will enable appropriate activities and strategies to be identified to provide the best possible support.

 The 60 illustrated activities are divided into

  • Visual (sight);
  • Tactile (touch);
  • Taste (Gustatory);
  • Smell (Olfactory);
  • Vestibular (balance) 
  • Proprioception (Body awareness)

These can be used with groups or individuals at home, school and other settings.

Photocopiable resources include sense-specific activities differentiated for use with individuals and groups; the PowerPoint slides; information sheets; classroom strategies; checklists; and sample OT referral forms.

The CDRom includes a PowerPoint training programme for professionals, parents and carers as well as all activity sheets, the handouts & checklists.

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