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This textbook will prove invaluable to teacher trainers, teachers, educational psychologists, and professionals teaching children to read. It provides a detailed examination of the processes that are involved in achieving fluent word reading skills and ability to comprehend written texts. Also provides evidence-based teaching strategies.

The book is in four parts:

1) Tutorial Review covering essential knowledge about language, and presenting the two dimensions of the Simple View of Reading. 

2) Concentrates on the word reading dimension, with chapters on processes in skilled word reading, the development of these processes, and practical advice on research validated teaching methods to develop children’s word reading skills. 

3) Language comprehension, with chapters on the comprehension of oral and written language, and on teaching reading comprehension. 

4) Introduces the reader to assessment practices and methods of identifying children with difficulties in word reading difficulties and children with specific comprehension difficulties,  describing effective evidence-based interventions for each type of difficulty.

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