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This particulary book is called 'Blip the Blob'.

In this series the books help children to build a varied vocabulary that will enable them to read, spell and write. 

There are three levels of the reading books and many books in each level to help build their vocabulary from a very young age. There are also two photocopiable worksheets books that provide materials that reinforce the learning.

Level 0 starts with the vowels in the alphabet a,e,i,o,u. 

Introductory Level  explores phonics for reception class as well as years 1 & 2.

Level 1 uses stories to develop and engage children and their vocabulary.

The two worksheet books reinforce the learning through exercises to build phonic skills and comprehension: the Pre-Reading Worksheets cover books 1-5 ofLevel 0 and the Comprehension Worksheets Book covers the books in the Introductory Level and Level 1. 

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