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This book is one of a series. It provides a completely structured resource for teaching all the phonics, vocabulary, reading, spelling, and some of the grammar work for the Englsih Curriculum at Year 5. The work can be used with older children to help boost literacy skills as there is plenty of reinforcement of each sound and spelling.
It consists of 12 units. The tasks covered include:
• Word lists and spelling patterns
• Phonic rules and patterns
• Phonic exercises and dictionary work
• Contextual work in cloze procedures
• Crosswords and wordsearches
• Dictation and sound differentiation
• Practise in using punctuation and creating paragraphs
• Ideas for research and writing

Some punctuation work is included with the stories which can be used as dictation
passages. Teachers/parents will need to discuss punctuation with students so that
they understand when to use full stops, commas, etc. The short stories can be used
as shared reading in a small group or class and there are additional suggestions for
writing extension work and ideas to be researched.

The list of words for Year 5 is considerable. The harder words provide opportunities
for discussion. Pupils can look for patterns and the relationships in some groups of
words and how they build from the original stem can be taught. Valuable skills of
syllable division are grasped and understood; decoding skills are acquired by looking
at words in this way, which can help children to transfer that knowledge to the
building of other words.
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