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Exciting and comprehensive series follows the requirements of the 2014 English Curriculum. The worksheets in years 3 and 4 help pupils to:

  • Apply and expand their knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes
  • Understand the meaning of new words they meet and learn about homophones
  • Learn how to decode and look out for words that do not follow a standard pattern
  • Increase their knowledge and use of punctuation and grammar

The word lists for KS2 are quite extensive and the 12 units in each book. For students who require more support in writing, please see our Practise Punctuation and Practise Comprehension series.

Spellings, Suffixes, Prefixes & Plurals - Term 3 is the third book in Year 3 of the Literacy for Life series. It teaches spelling, phonics and grammatical rules. The photocopiable worksheets are a mix of short stories, dictionary work, wordsearches and puzzles. Dictionary work is introduced at Year 3 to encourage students to search for words to broaden their vocabulary and to add to their general knowledge. The books from Year 3 upwards do not contain pictures so they can be used with older students who need additional literacy support at Key Stage 2 level.

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