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This resource:


  • Provides a visual analogy which enables children and young people with special educational needs to express and discuss their mental wellbeing through
  1. Establishing a personal identify
  2. Increasing self-esteem
  3. Identifying, labelling and learning to self-regulate emotions
  4. Developing increased resilience and confidence to approach challenges and new experiences
  • Provides information and activities for teachers and other adults to enable them to feel increasingly confident in exploring concepts of mental wellbeing with young people.
  • Uses methods and techniques from the field of positive psychology to create a solution-focused approach

It has been designed to be easily used by anyone working with children or young people in a range of settings: teachers, teaching assistants, support workers, professionals from various fields, or parents and carers.

The resources is intended to be used as an early intervention or preventative strategy in schools and other settings and it aims to be an empowering tool which enables young people to express their feelings and learn about themselves, rather than a tool which intends to ‘solve’ or ‘fix’ mental health difficulties.

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